Ref: OS-125 MF

Accéléromètres IP68 1 axe ±2g à ± 200g

Range: ±2g to ±400g DC Response Protection Class IP68 Salt Water Resistance High Shock Resistance Gas Damped Excellent Bias and Scale Factor Stability Differential Mod

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ASC’s OS series capacitive accelerometers, OS 115LN and OS 125MF, are analog voltageoutput sensors. The sensors can be powered by a DC power supply (+5V* to +40V) where theoutput voltage is independent of the supply. The sensors operate in a differential configuration,which results in an improved S/N ratio due to common-mode external noise rejection.ASC Type OS 115LN and OS 125MF operate in a wide temperature range from -40°C to +125°C*.The sensors exhibit exceptional temperature stability, very low non-linearity and can withstandrepetitive shocks as high as 6000g’s*. The hermetically sealed OS sensors, ASC OS 115LN andOS 125MF, feature a robust and corrosion proof stainless steel housing with a welded 4-pinconnector. The sensors are supplied with 1m detachable cable as a standard.

MEMS Capacitif
Type de produit
Nombre de composantes
1 Axes
1350 / 540 / 2570 / 90 / 54 / 27 / 13.5 mV/G
Etendue de mesure linéaire
/ G
Non linéarité (% PE)
± 0.5 %
Classe de Protection
Téléphone 01 46 91 93 32